Short range remote control

Remote control your excavator with a new system from CE Engineering Solutions. We offer you safety and versatility when operating the excavator on a dangerous or otherwise difficult site. 

The solution can also be of great value in applications where an improved view from outside the cabin is needed, for example in drilling and piling applications. 

CEES short Range Remote Control provides access to full machine manoeuvrability and tool control.

Available models: EC250E-EC350E

Scaling machine

The scaling machine is mainly designed for scaling of tunnels during construction. The machine is based on a well proven product of a hydraulically tiltable cab. The possibility to tilt the cab greatly increases the ergonomics for the operator. 

Dual drive

The new Dual Drive solution consists of a 1000 V, 110 kW electrical motor connected to the grid by a cable on a reel, which allows the driver to switch to electric mode during scaling work. 

Available model: EC250E


Long Reach


CEES Long Reach equipment for Volvo machines is robustly constructed and adapted to European requirements and conditions. 

Intended applications for Long Reach machine:
• Dredging and maintenance of waterways
• Riverbank maintenance and stabilization
• Highway landscaping and sloping
• Slurry pond maintenance
• Dredging of bridge foundations

Additional boom cylinder attachment

The additional boom cylinder attachment placed on the underside of the boom increases the lifting height. 

Available model: EC220E-EC300E & ECR355E