Trailer Tractor

Volvo A25G Trailer Tractor is based on a standard Volvo A25G articulated hauler is the perfect solution for transporting heavy trailers on industrial hard ground.

The Trailer Tractor is designed to transport heavy trailers with a weight up to 170 tons. It can be optimized for different trailers according to customer specifications.

Volvo A25G Hook lift
A hooklift system mounted on a hauler chassis gives an outstanding flexibility. From waste handling on recycling sites to material transportation in steel mills. From industrial applications to loading/unloading operations in harbours and terminals. The CEES Hooklift application is optimized for the best manoeuvrability and efficiency.



Front Axle Load Reduction
The Front Axle Load Reduction for the Volvo A25G/A30G hauler, is a system that temporarily reduces the front axle load, in order to make it possible to drive the hauler on roads where it oterwise has to be transported. The Front axle load is 11 000 kg when the system is activated (with empty body).

A25G Diesel Tank Truck
A Volvo A25G articulated hauler with a diesel tank is the perfect solution for the refueling machines and vehicles in a terrain where it is not possible to refuel with a standard fuel truck.

A25G & A40G Water Tank
The water tank is designed for heavy-duty action in demanding environments. For example, for road dust protection on construction sites which will increase efficiency and decrease the health risk of dust inhalation. It can prepare the surfaces for road construction, work in quarries and also perform great when cleaning streets.

A25G & A40G Flatbed

A flatbed on a Volvo articulated hauler is the perfect solution when you need to transport heavy loads of stone in a challenging enviroment. The flatbed is designed to transport big blocks of marble, 29 tonnes and up to 39 tonnes depending on machine size.

A25G Container Hauler