slag handler

CEES L350H Slag Handler is a durable, reliable and well protected clean-up machine for the hottest jobs.


L90-L120H Super Long Boom

A wheel loader equipped with super long boom is ideal for loading high vehicles and handling light material. The Super Long Boom is an extended Volvo long boom. The tilt cylinders are replaced by tilt cylinders with longer piston rods.

L90-L120H Road-Rail

The wheel loader is primarily intended for road and off-road work but has been adapted to allow it to work on rail as well. A wheel loader equipped with rail wheels is the perfect machine for loading and unloading trucks at laydown areas and carrying material and concrete elements from the laydown area to the worksite along the rail track.

 L60-L350 Low Profile Cab
Designed to work exclusively underground in areas where the ceiling height does not allow the use of a machine with standard height.
The Low Profile Cab can also be ordered with 22mm BR4NS classified safety glass in the front windows.

22mm BR4NS classified safety glass in the front windows