Road-Rail systems

Wheeled excavator rail systems for EWR150E and EWR170E

Crawler excavator rail systems for ECR145E and ECR88D

Scaling Machines

The Scaling Machine is mainly designed for scaling of tunnels during construction. The machine is based on a well proven product of a hydraulically tiltable cab. The possibility to tilt the cab, greatly increases the ergonomics for the operator.

Available models:
Crawler excavators: EC250E
Wheeled excavators: EW160E, EW220E

Drilling & piling

EC250E Drilling rig

EC220E Remotely controlled with piling unit

Long REach


CEES Long Reach equipment for Volvo machines is robustly constructed and adapted to European requirements and conditions. 

Intended applications for Long Reach machine:
• Dredging and maintenance of waterways
• Riverbank maintenance and stabilization
• Highway landscaping and sloping
• Slurry pond maintenance
• Dredging of bridge foundations